Bombay Stylie Mehandi

Bombay Style Mehandi

Online Mehandi in Delhi,Mehandi Wala in Delhi, Bridal Mehandi Wala with prices in Delhi. The beautiful bride-to-be adorns her hands and feet with striking designs made out of henna. As per the traditions, even the groom applies a bit ofmehendi on his hands as well as feet. The entire ceremony is a fun-filled event with every family member and close friends of the bride and the groom being a part of it. Bridal Mehandi Designs (in Delhi) are really beautiful, stunning and make the brides hand or feet look beautyfull. Wearing Mehandi during the Marriage is not only a part of the traditional custom values but today even the most ultra-mod girl would never forget to deck her hands and feet with Mehandi designs (in Delhi) on her wedding day because the design intricacies look so very gorgeous that it suits the glamorous occasion of the wedding and has indeed gelled well with the style quotient of the modern girls. Generally, Bridal Mehandi design images will have intricate images with some specific symbols such as, Kalash, Swastika, Shehnai, Bride, Groom, Dooli etc which are all symbols of the auspicious wedding ceremony. These designs (in Delh) are really beautiful and attention grabbers with all the stone stickers, glitters and colorful embellishments.

Online Mehandi in Delhi,Mehandi Wala in Delhi, Bridal Mehandi Wala with prices in Delhi.Since we use natural henna, the color and intrinsic quality of henna are also right. Quality of henna is so good that the color will be last long. Diversity in design makes us superior over other Mehandi artists. We have a wide range of services and plan for our clients. I need you to serve you better with affordable budget. We are not only limited to Delhi, and our services are also available in other states of India.